Invisalign – Understanding Unintended Consequences

In January 2013, Invisalign, a popular clear tray aligner treatment system, introduced its next generation product material named “Smart Track”, a more flexible, more consistent force range and better fitting tray. Other improvements to the trays improve bite opening, bite closing, proper “pitch” of upper incisors and built in hooks for elastic wear.  Improvements in […]

Is Invisalign Necessary?

A St. Petersburg Original John B. Harrison, DDS

John talks about his beginnings in St. Petrsburg and his Orthodontic philosophies and beliefs.

Accelerated Tooth Movement with Propel


Accelerated Orthodontic Tooth Movement Yes, teeth can now move faster to reduce treatment time. Great news and an important discovery for those in more of a hurry to complete treatment sooner than it takes to make teeth obey with conventional braces or clear aligners. In a culture more demanding of quick results, orthodontic treatment is […]