“The Nose Knows”

Having just returned from a Johns Hopkins/All Children’s Hospital Pediatric Sleep Conference, I once again, had some measure of pride in my orthodontic profession’s contribution to the understanding of facial development that is now being medically accepted as significant to quality of life. The very things that have been such important orthodontic considerations for at […]

The Top 20 Orthodontic Benefits For Your Children

Correct birth defects of the mouth- cleft lip and palate Prevent mouth deforming habits- thumb sucking, tongue thrusting, lip and nail biting Correct and prevent  accidents to teeth Correct sleep disturbance Breathing disorders- mouth breathing Air way restrictions- identifying tonsil and adenoid problems- age 3-5 Tooth protection form clenching and grinding habits Tooth protection for […]

Indisputable Facts About Sleep Apnea

Sleep Apnea is difficult enough to treat properly with the collaboration of knowledgeable doctors and dentists as teams so don’t have a fool for a patient treating yourself because of what you saw or read or hear.

Sleep Apnea Part 3

Using Sleep Study or Polysomnogram (PSG) results  to help diagnose

Sleep Apnea Part 1

Sleep Apnea, is this a serious health issue?