What’s Eating You? It’s what you’re eating

Scientific reports from all over the world are documenting the free fall in the physical health of those addicted to the American diet of fast foods and high sugar intake; the most vulnerable, our children. Assault rifles aside, unknowingly,parents are slowly killing their children with forks and spoons, or at best, critically wounding them with toxic food stuffs which will take a morbid toll later in life. Addiction, toxic, and killing are all the right words not exaggerations. Metabolic diseases are caused by the radical change a typical American diet imposes on the body’s inability to process unnatural food. The foods we have created do not match our biochemistry. This 30-year trend of increasing obesity and serious medical conditions is not easily stopped, but our future depends on it. Withdrawal from our addictions in the face of the intense seductive advertising and easy access to what our programmed brain craves will test our courage and challenge our willpower probably beyond our ability to overcome temptation. Over 25% of our children are considered obese and the major villain is sugar especially fructose which is everywhere and in everything. That number surpasses twenty million American kids getting fatter and sicker. They will be the first generation to die earlier than their parents and this represents a lot of human damage. Who would have thought that our eating habits have a greater contribution to disease than smoking? All Children’s’ Johns Hopkins recent update on how good nutrition and safe cooking fights cancer more powerfully than chemo and radiation therapy and Dr. Robert Lusting, a renowned pediatric endocrinologist, latest book Fat Chance will convince any doubting Thomas the we are in a crisis catastrophe. The solution will come from your kitchen. I am concerned about our children’s future well being. How about you?

John B. Harrison DDS,MSc

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